Office building site installation

I. Matters needing attention when the boxes arrive:

(1) The structural secondary beam can not be used as the focus point of transportation.

(2) Before unpacking the goods and unfastening the fixed rope, the goods must be fixed firmly with support pieces to prevent toppling.

(3) #1-3 Stair boxes, please note that the holes at the top of the boxes cannot be trampled.

(4) Attention should be paid to the glass protection of doors and Windows when transferring and hoisting all boxes.

Ii. Introduction to Installation steps:

1. The first floor: review the foundation ---- site determination of vehicles and crane stations, crane entering

Hoisting the first box, adjusting and correcting the box position,

Hoisting of the second box, adjusting the position, welding with the foundation ----......

---- Mounting of the last case body ---- double core square inch ---- mounting of the case body connecting plate ----

The waterproofing at the top of the box body ---- the waterproofing treatment on the side of the box body ---- the top of a layer of the box body

The laying of waterproof coil ---- the installation of on-site water supply and drainage, the installation of strong and weak electricity ---- the top opening

At the setting of waterproof measures, a layer of roof waterproof (see roof waterproof practice) ---- box enclosure

The ground of the hall is backfilled and tamped, and the cement mortar is levelled with the bottom plate of the box. ---- internal installation repair ---- handles the waterproofing of the side openings;

2. The second floor: determination of vehicles and crane stations ---- crane approach ---- Transportation vehicles

Second approach ---- Clear the temporary rainproof facilities on the top of the first floor ---- lift and adjust the first box

Correct the position of the box body and connect it with the first layer of the box body ---- Hoisting of the second box body, adjusting the overall position,

Connection with a layer of housing ----...... ---- The hoisting of the last piece of box ---- Recheck the dimensions

---- Installation of connecting plates of the box body ---- second floor monolithic wall installation ---- monolithic roof installation ----

Monolithic wall window installation ---- outdoor platform bottom frame installation, balustrade installation, internal stairs

End mounting ---- Waterproof treatment on top of case ---- Waterproof treatment on side of case ---- on-site

Installation of water supply and drainage, installation of strong and weak electricity ---- internal decoration ---- side hole waterproof;

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